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Experience the best of Turkish Holiday Vacation, a land rich in history, culture and heritage, and where Europe meets Asia. Choose from with a wide range of activities, tours, restaurants, attractions, and luxury hotels with Qatar Airways Holidays, and make the most of your visit to this magical land.

Delve into Turkey’s history that dates back to the Bronze Age, and discover ancient Roman ruins in the City of Ephesus, or visit the westernised city of Istanbul where modern skyscrapers soar over ancient mosques and bustling bazaars.

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From relaxing beach escapes to a city break in Turkey, you’ll find a variety of options with Qatar Airways Holidays. Choose from a long list of fun activities, fascinating attractions, historic sites, natural wonders and luxury hotels in Turkey, and experience the beauty of this diverse country that is steeped in heritage and charm.

Sample the delights of local cuisine that has been influenced by the Mediterranean, Central Asia and Arabia, or visit the country’s natural attractions where majestic rock formations tower over sapphire lakes, and winding lush valleys and rivers snake towards the rugged coastline.

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GMT +3 hours


Turkish, English

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230V 50Hz


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Turkey Experiences

  • In a land where the old meets new, you’ll find a variety of Turkey travel packages where you can explore the past and embrace the modern culture, while enjoying stunning natural areas of beauty.
  • The capital Ankara is a historic city that is awash with heritage and ancient sites to discover. The hilltop Citadel dates back 3,000 years and is home to Byzantine architecture and a Turkish village. You can learn more about the city’s past at the Museum of Anatolian Civilization, and its cultures at Ethnography Museum of Ankara. For a spot of retail therapy, visit Ankara’s Tunali Hilmi Caddesi shopping centre for modern stores, or browse the stalls of traditional markets and bazaars.
  • Istanbul offers a true blend of western and western culture and architecture. This is where Europe meets Asia, and the city has been a key trading post for thousands of years. The ancient Old City of Sultanahmet and the Hippodrome that hosted chariot races coexist with soaring skyscrapers and the magnificent dome-roofed Haghia Sophia. Sample the flavours of traditional Turkish tea and coffee, unwind in one of the city’s Turkish hamams, or pick up a souvenir from the buzzing Grand Bazaar.
  • Turkey’s landscapes are magnificent and you can soak up the sunshine on its Mediterranean coast at beaches in Antalya, hike up the Kackar Mountains, or bathe in thermal mineral-rich waters in the town of Pamukkale. Nature-lovers can visit the country’s wetlands and national parks like Goreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia. The more adventurous traveller can hike through Valla Canyon or Goynuk Canyon; and visit cobalt crater lakes like Nemrut Lake in Bitlis.
  • Go scuba diving in turquoise waters in Marmaris, swim in turquoise lagoons beneath the cascading Duden Waterfall, or climb the magnificent snow-capped Mount Ararat.

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