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Azerbaijan holidays

Bordering the Caspian Sea and home to a stunning array of beautiful landscapes, an Azerbaijan vacation has something for everyone. As one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world, Azerbaijan is an undiscovered gem waiting to be explored. Renowned for its unspoilt natural heritage the country is also home to a number of exciting cities, each offering visitors a chance to explore and enjoy a unique history and culinary culture.

On a package holiday to Azerbaijan with Qatar Airways Holidays, you can experience first-hand the fascinating blend of tradition and modernity that typifies this exhilarating country.

  • Walk from ancient ruin to towering skyscraper in the cultural and economic hub that is Baku.
  • Enjoy excellent skiing and snowboarding at some of the most beautiful resorts in the Caucasus Mountains.
  • Discover the incredible natural diversity that exists in Azerbaijan. Trek through lush, green forest, over the arid desert steppe, up snow-covered peaks, and across idyllic, white sandy beaches.
  • Marvel at Azerbaijan's stunning modern architecture, a ground-breaking testament to the contemporary metropolitan influence driving the country's cultural resurgence.
Holiday Packages

Azerbaijan holiday Packages

Whether you're looking to explore exquisite nature reserves or want to experience all that cosmopolitan Baku has to offer, holiday packages to Azerbaijan with Qatar Airways Holidays are the perfect way to discover this beautiful country. Despite its ancient history, it's a nation with its sight set firmly on the future, and the urban landscapes, in particular, are developing rapidly. Culinary packages to Azerbaijan are the perfect way to delve into this fascinating mix of old and new. Visitors can eat at some of the trendiest gourmet restaurants in the capital before heading out to the countryside to try the region's traditional fare.

With an Azerbaijan package holiday from Qatar Airways Holidays, everything is taken care of, from accommodation and flights to transfers. That means you can travel in style and luxury, staying at some of the premier hotels in the country, and enjoying your holiday every step of the way.

Fairmont Baku Flame Towers
  • 3 nights
  • Check-in: 30 Sep, 2024
  • Room Only
  • Return Flight from Doha - Hamad International
QAR 4,460PP
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Good to know

  • Time Zone
    GMT+4 hours
  • Languages
    Azerbaijani, Russian, with English spoken in main tourist areas
  • Dialing Code
  • Electricity
    220V 50Hz
  • Currency
  • Experiences

    Azerbaijan holiday experiences

    • Stay at the Shahdag Mountain Resort, where conditions are perfect for a variety of winter sports all year round.
    • Explore the historic Walled City of Baku, a UNESCO World Heritage Site at the centre of the country's capital. With a number of important monuments including Shirvanshahs' Palace and Maiden Tower, the area provides a fascinating insight into Azerbaijani history.
    • Try the unique crude oil spa treatments at the Naftalan Clinic. One of the only places in the world where the substance is used for its healing and therapeutic properties, visitors can enjoy a variety of treatments, including a crude oil bath.
    • Tour the regions many monuments to fire - including the impressive Flame Towers, the mystic eternal flame, and the interesting Fire Temple - and discover why Azerbaijan is known as 'the Land of Fire.'

    Frequently Asked Questions

      When is the best time to travel to Azerbaijan for a holiday?

      Azerbaijan's unique geographical positioning means that it's exposed to an enormous variety of weather. However, its mountainous landscapes protect most of the country from any extremes ensuring it experiences moderate temperatures throughout the year. Along the coast, winter temperatures range from 0-15°C. In the summer, they rise to 20-40°C. Snow and extremely low temperatures are common in the mountains during the winter, making it a great spot for skiing and winter sports.

      In Azerbaijan, the change in weather between seasons is often drastic, with temperatures dropping below zero in the winter and rising to more than 40°C in the summer.

      This makes spring (April-June) and autumn (September-October) the best times to visit. May is a particularly popular month due to the warm and dry weather, the explosion of spring wildflowers in the more mountainous regions and the Novruz New Year celebrations.


      Where is the best place to travel in Azerbaijan for a holiday?

      Most travellers arriving in Azerbaijan will land in Baku, the country’s capital. The city itself is a vibrant mix of Islamic, Soviet and European influences, with wide and open Parisian-style boulevards cutting through communist-era high rises and encircling the historic Old City. Containing some of the most impressive experimental architecture you’ll see anywhere in the world, a romantic seafront promenade and a buzzing cultural and artistic scene, Baku is a real up-and-coming holiday destination.

      While the vast majority of tourism in Azerbaijan is focused on the capital, the rest of the country has a great deal to offer, too.

      Qobustan - just an hour south of Baku - is counted amongst the most important archaeological sites on the planet. Home to thousands of petroglyphs (rudimentary carvings in rocks) dating from as long as 12,000 years ago, the area offers a fascinating glimpse into the country’s prehistoric societies.

      If you really want to get away from it all, a trip to Xınalıq (Khinalug) might be in order. Built at an elevation of 2,335 metres, making it one of the highest settlements in Europe, visitors will enjoy a breathtaking journey up to the village and panoramic views of the Caucasus.

      What is the latest travel advice for holidays in Azerbaijan?

      The vast majority of citizens speak Azerbaijani, a language similar to Turkish. While the country is 95% Shia Muslim, the country is officially secular and the country’s recent history of Soviet occupation means that Azerbaijanis have a different relationship to their faith than other Islamic cultures. For this reason, you’re unlikely to see any religious symbols, flags or slogans in public and conversations concerning faith are not common.

      Azerbaijan: amazing facts and reasons to visit

      Baku İçəri Şəhər (Old City) - While much of the Azerbaijani capital has been renovated and now resembles a city of the future, the historic heart of Baku retains its medieval architecture and atmospheric charm. Move away from the centre and you’ll encounter modern skyscrapers and tree-lined boulevards packed with cool cafes and exclusive boutiques.

      Şəki - Şəki (often latinised as Sheki) is regarded as one of Azerbaijan’s most beautiful towns and is a popular destination for those looking to escape Baku’s modern cityscape for a day or two. Hidden on the forest slopes of Caucasus Mountains, Şəki was once an important stop on the Silk Road trade route and is also home to the striking Palace of the Sheki Khans.

      F1 Azerbaijani Grand Prix - The first Azerbaijani Grand Prix, held in 2017, was a statement of intent from the country’s leaders. It announced the nation’s arrival on the international scene and its status as one of the few street circuits in Formula 1 marked it out as something special. Glitzy, glamorous and incredibly fun, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix should not be missed!

      Which are the best places to visit in Azerbaijan?

      Though there’s more to do in Azerbaijan than the best-prepared visitor could hope to fit into a single holiday, a few key sites and landmarks stand out as must-see attractions.

      The Ateşgah Fire Temple is situated within the reach of the Baku public transport system and symbolises the nation’s spiritual, cultural and historic connection to fire. Originally established by Zoroastrians, the current temple was built in the 18th Century by Indian worshippers of Shiva. Its most impressive features are the prominent fire pit and eternal flame, as well as the stone dome.

      If you’re interested in hiking, Lahıc is a great point of departure. Famous for its historic association with copper-work, you can still hear the sound of the village’s copper-beaters going about their business as you walk through the streets. Idyllic and boasting plenty of rustic charm, it makes for a lovely escape from the hectic city life of Baku.

      Though you may have to climb a whopping 1500+ steps to get to the top, Alinja Castle is very much worth the effort. With picturesque views of the mountainous region of Naxçivan and well-preserved and reconstructed fortifications, this 12th Century fortress is one of Azerbaijan’s historic highlights.

      What are the best tour packages in Azerbaijan?

      You’ll find plenty of world-class accommodation throughout Azerbaijan and in Baku in particular.

      However, if you’re looking for somewhere spectacular to spend our holiday, nothing compares to the remarkable Fairmont Baku Flame Towers. Contained within the iconic Flame Towers complex, which is both the tallest building in the country and a symbol of its regeneration, this hotel is the definition of luxury. Equipped with a spa treatment centre, a traditional hammam, pools, gyms and as many as six dining options, Fairmont Baku represents the best the city has to offer.

      Alternatively, the Four Seasons Hotel Baku offers stunning views over the Caspian Sea and world-class service. Key features include marble bathrooms and a highly regarded Italian Restaurant, as well as a gym, pool, spa and hammam.

      Why go on holiday to Azerbaijan with Qatar Airways Holidays?

      In recent decades, Azerbaijan has undergone a spectacular transformation, pivoting from Soviet-style communism to a wealthy, cosmopolitan petro-state over a remarkably short period. Benefitting from the fresh breeze off the Caspian Sea, Baku boasts some of the region’s most exciting architecture, while the surrounding towns and villages retain their rustic, traditional charm. With package deals to Azerbaijan with Qatar Airways Holidays, you’ll enjoy one of Europe’s best-kept holiday secrets and discover a confident and beautiful nation that’s very much in the ascendency.