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Seychelles holidays

White sandy beaches and turquoise waters await you in the Seychelles, where 115 idyllic islands provide a tranquil retreat to soothe the body and mind. This really is an island paradise, with the focus on a truly memorable experience filled with relaxation, luxury and sensational sunsets. Book your Seychelles travel packages with Qatar Airways Holidays and choose from an array of luxury hotels, activities and tours on the three main islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, and discover the beauty of this stunning archipelago. Go scuba diving in clear lagoons, trek through rainforests, or visit the capital city Victoria on the island of Mahé and wander around the busy markets, or simply sit back and relax in a tropical botanical garden while the birds serenade you.

Holiday Packages

Seychelles holiday Packages

Qatar Airways Holidays offers a variety of Seychelles travel packages where you can delve into the island’s past at attractions such as the Seychelles Natural History Museum or the French Colonial-style Kenwyn House on Mahé, or dive into sapphire waters where colourful marine species thrive. Savour delicious, fresh seafood in ocean-front restaurants and enjoy Seychelles culinary experience. Choose from a selection of fun activities, nature tours and luxury hotels on your next Seychelles vacation, and get ready to make memories of a lifetime in this laid back and beautiful nation.

Good to know

  • Time Zone
    GMT+4 hours
  • Languages
    English, French, Seychellois Creole
  • Dialing Code
  • Electricity
    230V, 50Hz
  • Currency
    Seychellois rupee
  • Experiences

    Seychelles holiday experiences

    • Powder-soft beaches are abundant in the Seychelles and you’ll never be far from the sound of gentle lapping waves on the shore. Huge granite boulders peep out of the turquoise sea on Beau Vallon Beach on Mahé, while Anse Lazio on Praslin sits between emerald slopes and crystal-clear shallow waters, making it perfect for families.
    • You can hike through the verdant Morne Seychellois National Park on Mahé, and marvel at the flora and fauna, and cascading waterfalls, or climb up the rugged mountains on Silhouette Island for panoramic views. Scuba dive in clear waters down to colourful coral reefs and sunken wrecks to spot sightings of stingrays, reef sharks, hawksbill turtles, manta rays and whale sharks. Seychelles travel packages can include romantic activities such as sunset cruises, sea kayaking, or private dinners on remote islands.
    • The small but pretty capital city of Victoria on Mahé is home to colonial architecture and the Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market where you can pick up coconut products, spices, and handicrafts as a memento of the ultimate tropical holiday experience. On Praslin Island, learn about the traditions and culture at the Praslin Museum, admire artwork at the George Camille Art Gallery, or learn about the famous Black Pearls at the Black Pearl Ocean Farm, the only one of its kind in the Indian Ocean.
    • You can go island-hopping to more remote isles for picnics and snorkelling in hidden coves, or head to L’Union Estate on La Digue for horse riding and close encounters with huge land tortoises.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

      Best time to travel to Seychelles for a holiday?
      The best time to travel to this stunning destination will depend on what you’re looking for. The islands’ climate is influenced by the ocean, as well as its position close to the Equator. The result is a tropical climate that’s warm and humid, but with a relatively stable temperature range of between 24-32°C. There are two main seasons - ‘wet’ and ‘dry’, although there’s little real change especially during the shoulder seasons. The higher you go (for example in the Mahe hills), the more likely you are to encounter rain. From May to October is the closest to a ‘dry’ season you’ll get if you book a holiday to the Seychelles. The driest months are July and August, when the south-east Trade Winds add a cooling breeze and the temperature sits at around 27°C. November brings a change in wind direction and the start of the rainy season. The wettest period of the year falls between December and January, although this is also when the islands are warmest. Our top tip: head to the Seychelles during April, the warmest and calmest month of all, when you’ll regularly have balmy temperatures that nudge into the low-30s°C and there’s very little rainfall.
      What is the latest travel advice for holidays in Seychelles?
      The Seychelles are a safe and stable destination, famous for the warm welcome offered to all visitors. The resorts are secure and comfortable, and the safety and well-being of guests are paramount. If you’re a diver then you may need to factor in the ‘seaweed seasons’ as well as the weather. From May to September the south-east Trade Winds wash considerable amounts of seaweed up onto the beaches along Praslin’s southern coast. From October to April the calmer waters mean you’re less likely to encounter large drifts of seaweed when swimming or diving. The Seychelles is predominantly a Christian country, but all religions and beliefs are welcomed and you’ll find that the islands are tolerant, relaxed, and engaging.
      Seychelles: amazing facts and reasons to visit
      • Pirates – The Seychelles was used for centuries as a hideout for pirates and brigands who sailed around the Indian Ocean. To find out about the history of pirates in the Seychelles, head to Anse Forbans or Pirate’s Cove on Mahe. There are rumours that famous pirate Olivier Levasseur hid treasure worth more than $160,000. It’s never been found…
      • Rare creatures – Bird Island is not only home to dozens of species of rare birds, but also the heaviest wild land tortoise. She’s called Esmeralda and weighs in at a scale-busting 670 lbs.
      • Celebrities – the Seychelles is a haven for celebrities, thanks to the clusters of private islands that make up the archipelago. Book a holiday to the Seychelles with Qatar Airways Holidays and you may spot a famous face or two.
      • Diving – The Seychelles has to be one of the best places to go diving on the planet. Crystal clear waters support huge coral reefs teaming with angelfish, squirrelfish, and even some of the world’s rarest sharks like hammerheads and silvertip sharks.
      Where are the best places to visit in the Seychelles?
      From the sweeping (and usually almost deserted) beaches to the lush green interior, the Seychelles are a natural paradise. Almost half of the landmass of the 115 islands is protected by national parks or wildlife reserves, so if you are passionate about natural beauty then this is the destination for you. The Vallee de Mai on Praslin has World Heritage status and is genuinely breath-taking. To find out more about the culture of the islands visit the Arulmigu Navasakti Vinayagar Temple in Victoria. The beaches are, of course, the biggest draw and are regarded as some of the best in the world. Whether you’re looking for a secret cove where the only footprints on the sand are your own, or a larger, more family-friendly beach, you are truly spoilt for choice. Take a stroll along the coastline from Beau Vallon to Anse to find deserted beaches and swaying palm trees, or go snorkelling off Aldabra Atoll and drift gently alongside giant manta rays.
      What are the best tour packages in the Seychelles?
      Whether it’s a honeymoon of a lifetime in Lazare, or a relaxing getaway with all the spa trimmings in the Savoy Resort, the over-riding factor of every tour package in the Seychelles is luxury. Think infinity pools, utter tranquillity, and the very best in boutique living where you can choose from luxury hotels to beach huts sitting on stilts right over the waters of the ocean. Take your loved one to the five-star indulgence of Maia Luxury Resort & Spa, or experience the fabulous Kempinski Seychelles Resort in Baie Lazare, surrounded by not one but two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
      Why go on holiday to the Seychelles with Qatar Airways Holidays?
      From sun-kissed white beaches where the only sound is the wind rustling through the palm trees, to the busy markets of Victoria and the fascinating discoveries on offer in the islands’ many nature reserves, there’s so much to see and do on a package deal to the Seychelles with Qatar Airways Holidays. Our package holidays to the Seychelles mean that everything is taken care of for you, so all you have to do is have the time of your life in one of the most romantic and beautiful destinations in the world.